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I am proud to promote Artist Brahma an amazing contemporary artist. Artist Brahma works cover a wide variety of backgrounds outstretching his style across the world. In the past I have worked for in New York where I worked closely with celebrities including William Shatner, Hulk Hogan and Carmen Electra. Please contact me for any inquiries and help share Brahma's gift with the world!

Marketing and Promotions Professional with extensive work experience in communications, Internet marketing and public relations work. Professional schmoozer, who plays well with others, is fearless, brand conscious and fundamentally a “got your back” kind of guy.

I have extensive work experience in communications/internet marketing and public relations work. Alan has Masters Degree in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology.

Most recently, working with Best Buy as a Connectivity Sales Supervisor.

For all inquiries contact:
Alan Brofka
Art Manager
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